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Don’t drown in a power struggle

There’s one thing that I’ve always remembered from my years as a Surf Lifesaver and that’s to ride the rip current, not fight it.

Rip currents are one of the leading surf hazards for beach goers in Australia and pull people away from the shore at up to speeds of 1-2 feet per second. The way to survive a rip current is to swim and float with it instead of using your energy to fight what mother nature has stirred up. Eventually, once you’re past the waves, you’ll be able to swim free and safely to shore.

Even miles away from my home beach I’m still experiencing professional, personal and personality currents. Ones that have been dragging me away from what I believe is right, or what I’m wanting to achieve. Instead of fighting a power struggle with currents that will consume my time and energy, I’ve decided to ride the rip, come out at the end and then assert my energy into something that’s worth fighting for.

I’m choosing not to drown in a power struggle, as sometimes riding the rip makes getting back to the shore a lot more worthwhile.

Amazing body suit on @fashgonerogue

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Amazing pic posted on @fashgonerogue

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Ride life :)

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Red lingerie moment.

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The only way to get ready in the morning! Lingerie and lashes :)

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In love with this look!!

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